Undergraduate admissions policy

Policy under review for academic year 2023/2024

In years of exceptionally high demand, students who live within a reasonable commuting distance will not be offered accommodation until a room becomes available. This may be after the start of the semester.

Family applicants

We’re sorry we cannot guarantee family accommodation. We have a limited number of family properties so we advise you apply as early as possible if you require accommodation for your partner and/or children. We can supply links to local letting agents to assist in your search in the private sector if we are unable to offer a property.

Returner/Later Year
You are not guaranteed a place within University accommodation after your first year. However, as the allocations process proceeds, a limited number of rooms may become available for returning/later year applicants so please submit an application.

If you are not covered by the guarantee, you are still welcome to apply in the usual way, and the University will try to accommodate you

Note about insurance offers and clearing
If you have University of Glasgow as your insurance or clearing choice you cannot apply for accommodation. You will only be able to apply after accepting a firm offer of study (either conditional or unconditional).

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