Undergraduate admissions policy

As an Undergraduate, you are guaranteed an offer of accommodation if:

  • You are new to study at the University of Glasgow and do not require family accommodation;
  • Your online accommodation application is received by 5pm on 22nd August in the year of entry to University;
  • You are UF (Unconditional Firm) on UCAS by 22nd August in the year of entry to University;
  • You are studying for the full academic year, commencing in September in year of entry.

We cannot guarantee accommodation for:


We may be able to offer family accommodation to those students who apply early, on a first come first serve basis if you meet all of the above criteria.

Returners or Later Year students

There may be a limited number of rooms that become available as the allocation process proceeds. These rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis determined by the date the application was originally submitted.

Note about insurance offers

If you have University of Glasgow as your insurance or clearing choice, you will be able to apply for accommodation once you have firmly accepted an offer of study at the University. If this is after the deadline date, we will offer accommodation to those who apply in date order if we have availability.