Professor Andy Waters

Professor in Biomedical and Life Sciences, Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, Director of the Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology

‘At Glasgow, we work in collaboration to investigate malaria parasites, toxoplasma, human and livestock-infective trypanosomes, and the leishmanias that can afflict humans. Our findings are helping to develop drugs, vaccines and other methods of preventing parasite success.’

Andy Waters has over 30 years’ experience in malaria research and together with Chris Janse helped pioneer the development of the rodent model of malaria research, Plasmodium berghei in Leiden.

Andy's research interests focus on understanding the molecular basis underpinning the commitment to sexual development (gametocytogenesis) in Plasmodium and a focus on understanding how drugs work against parasites, leading to the question of how parasites become resistant to drugs.

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The main themes of Andy’s research are triggers for gametocytogenesis; influence of host environment on parasite development; and development of tools for the more sophisticated genetic engineering of malaria parasites.