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International Commercial Law LLM

What our students say

What our students say

Sijuade Animashaun, Nigeria (2017-18)

'Having practiced as a corporate legal practitioner, I was thrilled to choose the University of Glasgow as my preferred institution. Apart from being among the best schools in the UK with students from different cultures and a world class library, the courses are taught by top notch industry experts (in addition to seminars organised by the school with top stakeholders as guest lecturers). Living here is fulfilling, going for walks in beautiful gardens, free museums, incredible cinemas, and of course, the pubs are fantastic. To be concise, studying and living here creates an enabling environment for actualising your potentials.'

Ross Jacob, United Kingdom (2017-18)

'The University of Glasgow has a lot to offer anyone looking to enrol in an LLM degree. The standard of education the School of Law provides is exemplary. The lecturers are a combination of leading academic scholars and active practitioners, who give an all-round education into the theory underpinning the legal principles of your field of study, and how these principles are engaged in the legal profession. The University has a rich heritage, but is also at the forefront of legal education today. The M&A transactions course began this year, and the only other universities that provide it are Oxford and Cambridge. It gives an in-depth look at the risks that may arise to either party in a transaction, and how to mitigate against this risk. It explains the contractual and legal rules that govern a transaction and the process in which the terms of the documentation are drafted.

The majority of students (and lecturers) on the LLM programmes are international, coming from all around the world. This is the best thing about the programme, making friends with likeminded people from different cultures and backgrounds. The city of Glasgow is a welcoming place for international students too; the people are friendly and embracing. The University campus, located in the vibrant west-end, has a lot to offer the students. The library, which becomes a second home, has brilliant facilities, good wi-fi, and plenty of space to study in the postgraduate room (when exams are not on). The coffee is average. The campus also has a gym, a nightclub, and two pubs. There is always something to do in the West End. A walk round Kelvingrove Park has a magnificent view of the Gilbert Scott Building of the University. A night at the Stand Comedy Club, a purveyor of Glasgow humour, or a game of football at Firhill to watch Partick Thistle. Plenty of bars and restaurants, and good student nightlife if you still have it in you.'

Charlotte Kieslich, Germany (2017-18)

'My time in Glasgow has been nothing short of absolutely fantastic and unforgettable. The LLM programmes at the University of Glasgow offer a wide range of top quality courses, which can be tailored to the student’s individual preferences and interests. My studying experience has been amazing thanks to excellent teaching, research possibilities, and overall programme organisation. “People make Glasgow” goes for the atmosphere on campus as well as the city in general: friendly people from all over world come to Glasgow and contribute to shaping the city’s rich cultural life which consists of, for instance, various museums with free entry, a great number of student societies, many theatres, live music everywhere, and Glasgow’s vibrant nightlife with numerous pubs, bars, and restaurants all over the city. In addition, there are many towns, castles, lochs, national parks, and of course the Highlands to explore in Scotland. In summary, studying and living in Glasgow has been one of the best experiences of my life so far.'

Anna-Kaisa Mäenpää, Finland (2017-18)

'Studying at the University of Glasgow was a dream of mine for a long time, and it proved to be just as interesting, intriguing and intelligently satisfying as I imagined it to be. The campus is breathtakingly beautiful and full of people from all parts and paths of the world – making it an excellent environment to create new friendships. The courses are motivating and the Professors highly talented and approachable, not to mention the variety of societies that offer extracurricular activities certainly for everyone. As a city Glasgow has exceeded my expectations; there exists various possibilities to get your mind off from studying for a bit, for example by walking alongside the River Clyde or a enjoying few pints in one of the hundreds of pubs all over the city. However, the best part of Glasgow is definitely the people – they do not say, “People make Glasgow” for nothing.'