How will we deliver this work?

To help us improve processes and design services within a complex institution, we use a design process based on the Design Council’s Double Diamond. An agile process allows us to fully understand the problems faced and deliver meaningful solutions.

The Double Diamond diagram is a graphical way of describing the design process. The structure is two squares at an angle. The first diamond represents the research phase, the second diamond is the design phase.

This visual representation of the design process is a structured approach which tackles challenges in four phases:

  • Discover insight into the problem
  • Define the area to focus upon
  • Develop potential solutions
  • Deliver and embed solutions that work


Understanding the 'As-Is'

The focus of the Discovery Phase was to develop an understanding of existing processes, services and the user experience.

Flag icon  As-Is workshops were held with staff across the University to identify potential areas for improvement

Flag icon  Student feedback identified which process improvements would have the most impact on the student experience


Defining the scope

Using the insights and data gathered during the Discovery Phase, we were able to identify priority areas and define the scope for improvement.

Flag icon  Heatmap model and data analysis identified areas of priority

Flag icon  Priority areas agreed


Developing the programme

During the Develop Phase, the team has focussed on developing the process improvement methodology and the governance required to ensure we are ready for successful project delivery.

 Flag icon Process improvement methodology agreed