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The Senate Office can be contacted:

Senate Office,
Gilbert Scott Building,
University of Glasgow,
Glasgow G12 8QQ,
Scotland, UK
tel: +44 (0)141 330 6063

Alternatively, individual staff contacts are available.

Helen Butcher Head of Senate Office
Helen Clegg Senior Academic Policy Manager
Ruth Cole Senior Academic Policy Manager
Lesley Fielding Academic Policy Manager
Janet Fleming Administrative Officer
Richard Lowdon Academic Policy Manager
Jane McAllister Assistant Director
Catherine Omand Senior Academic Policy Manager
Lesley Reid Administrative Assistant
Karen Robertson Administrative Officer

Please note, Short Courses are not dealt with by Senate Office - contact details are as follows: tel. 0141 330 1835; email:

For queries relating to information contained in the Course Catalogue, please contact the relevant School.


Staff Remits

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Academic Appeals (Senate) Jane McAllister; Richard Lowdon
Accreditation (Professional Body)  Karen Robertson
Annual Monitoring  Helen Butcher; Lesley Fielding
Calendar (University Regulations)  Helen ButcherRuth Cole
Code of Assessment  Helen ButcherRuth Cole 

Senate - Helen Butcher; Richard Lowdon

Academic Standards Committee - Ruth Cole 

Education Policy & Strategy Committee - Lesley Fielding

Learning & Teaching Committee - Catherine Omand

Student Experience Committee - Nancy Donald

Conduct / Disciplinary (Student) Helen Clegg; Richard Lowdon
Course Approval  Helen Butcher; Ruth Cole
Course Catalogue 

Karen Robertson; Ruth Cole

For queries relating to information contained in the Course Catalogue, please contact the relevant School.

Course Evaluation (EvaSys) Richard Lowdon
Degree Regulations  Helen ButcherRuth Cole 
Educational Policy  Helen Butcher; Catherine Omand
Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR) Ryan Reed; Helen Butcher; Jack Aitken
Examinations (Regulations)  Helen ButcherRuth Cole 
External Examiners  Lesley Fielding
EvaSys (Course Evaluation) Richard Lowdon
Fitness to Practise Helen Clegg; Jane McAllister
Fitness to Study Helen Clegg; Jane McAllister
Honorary Degrees Committee Janet Fleming
John Robertson Bequest Funds Helen Clegg
Periodic Subject Review Jane McAllister; Janet Fleming
Plagiarism Helen Clegg; Richard Lowdon; Jane McAllister
Prizes, Bursaries, Medals Helen Clegg
Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body Accreditation Karen Robertson
Programme Approval / Specifications Helen Butcher; Ruth Cole
Quality Enhancement Jack Aitken; Helen Butcher
Regulations (including Calendar) Helen ButcherRuth Cole
Senate Appeals Procedures Jane McAllister; Richard Lowdon
Senate Elections Richard Lowdon; Janet Fleming
Senate Membership Janet Fleming
Session Dates Richard Lowdon
Student Appeals (Senate) Jane McAllister; Richard Lowdon
Student Conduct Helen Clegg; Richard Lowdon
Student Contract Helen Butcher; Richard Lowdon
Student Feedback Richard Lowdon
Student Representation Karen Robertson
Subject Review (Periodic) Jane McAllister; Janet Fleming
Teaching Excellence Awards Janet Fleming
Travelling Scholarships Lesley Fielding
Undergraduate Course Catalogue

Ruth Cole; Karen Robertson

For queries relating to information contained in the Course Catalogue, please contact the relevant School.

Undergraduate Student Advisory System Lesley Fielding
University Regulations (Calendar) Helen ButcherRuth Cole
Website Karen Robertson


Other Offices and Activities:

Academic Collaborations

Ceremonial Events - Academic Dress; Academic Processions (Graduations, Remembrance Sunday); Cathedral Service; Commemoration Day; Honorary Graduations; Rectorial Election; Senate Guest Night

Complaints Resolution Office

NSS - Planning, Insight & Analytics

Mission and Values

University Values

The Senate Office sees the protection of the good names of the University, of Senate and of the Office itself as essential to what it does. We do our best to provide our services honestly, fairly, equitably and consistently.

We are relied upon to provide advice that is clear, relevant, practicable, accurate, well-informed and timely. We value highly the faith that our users place in our work.

Our work concerns protecting academic standards. We recognise that it is essential that we carry this out impartially. We explain what we do and what we ask others to do and try to widen understanding of University policies. We seek to be consultative and inclusive and to ensure our activity is predicated on the recognition and valuing of diversity.

We are ambitious for the University and work to help shape and deliver its aims. We recognise that the primary objective of our services is to enable the University to function effectively and to progress.

University Services Expectations

Responsive – meeting needs effectively
We maintain a strong service ethos in support of the communities we serve, in this seeking to provide support that is needed when it is needed. We seek and welcome feedback on our work.

Efficient – using resources well
In what we do and in what we ask others to do, we endeavour to work quickly, flexibly, collaboratively and creatively to find answers with minimum fuss and the greatest benefit.

Progressive – achieving continuous improvement
The Office has a key role in supporting academic quality and its enhancement and we seek to practise what we preach, with input that is forward-looking and wherever possible consensual. We work to ensure our guidance is well-informed, not least by emerging developments affecting Higher Education. Part of our work also involves ensuring developments affecting the higher education sector (new policies, etc.) are supportive of the University’s aims.

Corporate – aligned with the University’s priorities
We direct our resources where the University needs them, adapting our approach to facilitate and contribute positively to the University’s objectives as they evolve. We work closely with the academic and student communities and with sister services with the aim of fulfilling our users’ requirements as seamlessly as possible and with minimal bureaucracy.

If users are not satisfied with any aspect of the Office’s provision they have the right to have complaints dealt with in a quick, efficient and effective manner. Contact can be made with any member of staff initially if concerns arise. Failing this, users should contact the Head of Senate Office, Ms Helen Butcher, who will respond within five working days.