1. How do I access the Recognition Reward site?

You will receive an email from Sodexo who are the portal administrators which will provide you login details.

2. I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

You should follow the instructions on the Recognition Reward portal.

3. Who is eligible to receive an award?

All those who holding  a contract of employment  with University Services are eligible for an award regardless of length of service (within role or at the University), or whether they have been in receipt of any other awards, for example a Sustained Excellence award through Recognition & Reward.

Unfortunately if you have a contract of employment within the Colleges and a non-substantive role within University Services, you will not be eligible for this type of award at the present time.

4. What types of awards are available?

Both monetary, in the form of vouchers, and non-monetary, in the form of e-thank you cards, are available.

5. Who is allowed to make a monetary award?

A member of the University Services Leadership team, the “Budget Holder,” is able to make a monetary award for anyone within their respective service.

This can be done by going to the online portal and clicking,

  • Motivate
  • Reward
  • E-vouchers

Nb.  Budget Holders do not need to go through the nomination process to make an award directly.

All monetary awards must be recorded directly to the recipient for tax reporting purposes as the University is undertaking this liability on behalf of employees.

6. Who is able to make a nomination for an award?

Heads of Service – if this is not your direct line manager, your line manager can contact the Head of Service to request a nomination to be made on their behalf.

This can be done by going to the online portal and clicking

  • Send an nomination to a staff member here
  • The recommended value for the award should be entered in the comments field

7. Who is able to send an E-thankyou card?

This is available to all staff within University Services.  It should be noted you will not be able to send an e-thankyou card to those outwith University Services.

 This can be done by going to the online portal clicking

  • Send an e-thank you card here

8. What is the maximum amount that can be awarded?

£200 per employee within academic year.

9. What is the minimum amount that can be awarded?


10. I am not based in University Services; can I make/receive an award?

Unfortunately the scheme is only available to those within University Services.  Those in Colleges are still able to be recognised through Recognition & Reward

11. What are the criteria for making an award?

The recipient must have displayed one or all of our values as detailed in, University Strategy - Inspiring People Changing the World


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12. I have been awarded points, what does one point equate to?

One point equals £1.

13. How do I exchange my points to vouchers?

You will receive an email informing you of your award.  Following the instructions on this email and by clicking on the link you will be able to exchange your points for vouchers.

14. What vouchers can I access?

There are hundreds of vouchers available from major high street retailers.  You don’t need to spend your award with just one retailer, you are able to mix and match these to suit you.

15. Is there a time limit to exchanging my points to vouchers?

At present there is no time limit for exchanging points to vouchers, however, as we want you to receive the benefit of this award we would encourage you not to leave it too long!

16. Is there a time limit on the vouchers I take?

Vouchers have various time limits depending on the retailer.  You should check the voucher once you receive this to ensure that you do not exceed the expiry date – most are at least one year from date of issue.

17. I have not received my vouchers, who do I contact?

Please email sayhelp.motivation.uk@sodexo.com with your order number, delivery address and name and they will be able to assist.

18. How long should it take for me to receive my vouchers?

It can take up to 30 days to receive your vouchers.  Vouchers over the value of £100 will be spent special delivery which will require a signature whilst vouchers under this value will be sent Royal Mail 1st class.

19. Where will my vouchers be sent to?

When you first sign in to the portal you will be asked to complete this information.

20. I wish to exchange the vouchers I have chosen for different ones, how do I do this?

Once you have selected the vouchers they will be dispatched immediately and unfortunately it is not possible to exchange these at this point.

21. I have lost my vouchers, can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately these can only be reissued if they have been lost in transit.  

22. Do I have to exchange my points awarded for vouchers or can I select a gift/take the cash value?

Unfortunately it is not possible to exchange your award for anything else. 

23. What happens if I leave the University before I have the opportunity to redeem my points into vouchers?

You will have until the next calendar month to redeem your points into vouchers before your access to the tool is removed.

24. I have limited access to my University e-mail account, how can I redeem my vouchers?

Your award must be made through the tool for tax reporting purposes.  You should provide details of where the vouchers are to be dispatched to your line manager who in turn will e-mail these to the Performance, Pay and Reward team who will be able to arrange this on your behalf: hr-ppr@glasgow.ac.uk

25. Will I be liable for benefit in kind (BIK) tax on my award?

No, the University will pay this on your behalf.