Freedom of Information Coordinators

Freedom of Information Coordinators

The University's Freedom of Information Coordinators are local contacts, across the University, who provide advice on FOISA issues. When appropriate the coordinator may pass the issue on to the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Office. In addition, when the DP/FOI Office is handling an information request and is seeking to locate the relevant information, it will initially contact the appropriate coordinator(s) for assistance. 

The role of the FOI coordinator is as follows:

  • To raise staff awareness of freedom of information issues in their area.
  • To resolve the routine freedom of information queries which may arise in their area.
  • To liaise with the DP/FOI Office, as appropriate, to resolve complex queries or where exemptions might apply in a particular request.
  • To help the DP/FOI Office in promptly locating and extracting information that is held in their area.
  • To comment on centrally produced guidance and training materials.
  • To advise the DP/FOI Office of areas where further guidance or clarification is required.  

The current coordinators are as follows:



CoordinatorE-mail Address College/Service College of Arts 

Elizabeth Hurd Biological Services
Alison Lovatt Careers Service

Dr Carolyn Kelly


Amy Shields



Catering and Events

Print Unit 


University of Glasgow Sport

Nick Wade Communications and Public Affairs Office

Duncan Belk Counselling and Psychological Services
Rhona Little Court Office 
Lee McClure Court Office

Clare Barnes Complaints Resolution Office
Clare Craig Disability Service (Student Wellbeing & Inclusion)

Karen Biggins


Estates and Buildings

Central Services (Security and Janitorial)

Cleaning Services

Transport Services

Pauline McNally External Relations, Conference & Events, Development & Alumni
Nicole Luchini Finance Division (Financial Accounts/Insurance)
Jenny Bowles

Finance Division (Procurement)

Ann Hastings Human Resources
Steph Scholten & Mungo Campbell & Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
Tom Kowalski Student Engagement
David Clark IT Services Division
Fiona Bell Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service (LEADS)
Valerie McCutcheon Library and Collection Services

Sarah Chiodetto Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences (School of Veterinary Medicine)

Jane Townson Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences (College of  MVLS)

Frank Bonner Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences (Dental School)
Laura McGowan

Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences (School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing) 
Aileen Stewart Occupational Health

Jacqueline Jack Planning, Insight & Analytics

Fiona Quinn Principal's Office 

James Gray Radiation Protection Service 

Elaine Donaldson Registry 

Bryony Wakefield

Research and Innovation Services
Josephine McNally

Safety and Environmental Protection Services
Alison Devlin College of Science and Engineering
Jane McAllister Senate Office 

Graeme Shedden Senate Office (Academic Collaborations & Partnerships)

Morgan MacLeod College of Social Sciences

Tom Kowalski Student Services Enquiry Team