Visiting Scholars

Dr József Dúró, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary – to University of Glasgow: 29 February – 13 March 2016

Research Seminar: Wednesday 2 March 2016 4.00 pm Various Faces of Euroscepticism

Masterclass: Wednesday 9 March 2016 9 am Hungary and the EU

My two-week long stay in Glasgow was a very fruitful period. First of all, I presented the results of my PhD dissertation at the research seminar and I got very useful feedbacks during the discussion after my presentation. These comments and remarks helped me to rethink the concepts of Euroscepticism and I started to establish a new, more proper definition and theoretical framework for my research. In addition, I found several important books on established parties’ relation vis-à-vis the European integration in the library of the university. These books, chapters and articles could also contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon in a more comprehensive way. As far as the masterclass is concerned, its topic was the attitude of the Hungarian government and people towards the European Union. I highlighted some facts about the Hungarian EU membership and the political culture of the country. It resulted a very productive discussion concentrating on the political culture of Central and East European countries. I really enjoyed my visit in Glasgow and I hope I can utilise all the comments, feedbacks and remarks I got.


Date: May 26, 2018 9:55 am