Visiting Scholars

Dr Heiko Pääbo, Centre for Baltic Studies, University of Tartu, Estonia – to Western University, Ontario, Canada: 19 January – 01 February 2015

At Western I offered a seminar “WWII in European cinematography – too many memories and conflicting identities?” for MA and PhD students. The seminar reflected plurality of WWII memories and memory conflicts through cinematography as one of the most powerful medium for collective memory construction.

The visit to Western was fruitful and interesting  I was made very welcome and Dr Amanda Grzyb  helped me establish necessary contacts.  I had sufficient time for my own research as well to meet new colleagues. I worked in the library, regarding my ongoing research project on the Holocaust representation in school curricula.. I also met Western colleagues dealing with the Holocaust studies and in the framework Jewish Studies programme I offered a public lecture on the Holocaust representation in Estonian history textbooks. The audience of the public lecture was mainly BA students therefore I used opportunity to also introduce IMRCEES programme for potential student candidates.


Date: May 26, 2018 9:48 am