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Dr Bambang Shergi Laksmono, Department of Social Welfare, University of Indonesia – to University of Glasgow: 10 November – 01 December 2014

My visit to University of Glasgow was relatively brief.  My trip to Glasgow was three weeks in total. Overall, the stay in Glasgow was pleasant and I am thankful to be given the chance to visit University of Glasgow. I owe and sincerely thank Dr Clare McManus who had paved the institutional linkages between University of Indonesia and University of Glasgow. She had opened the initial communication and had intensively worked through the necessary collaboration platform. I personally chose October to be the time of the visit, hoping to get the maximum work during autumn.

The time given in Glasgow had been used to the maximum; to meet academics at UG, literature study and proposal writing for possible future research collaboration. The activities accomplished during the visit were as follows:

1.    Meeting with the academia at University of Glasgow. All the meeting was organized and accompanied by Dr Clare McManus as College International Lead.

During the exchange program, I managed to meet the following:
Professor Andy Furlong, Dean of Research College of Social Science
Professor Michele Schweisfurth, Chair in Comparative and International Education
Sarah Birch, Chair of Comparative Politics
Elaine Lew, Regional Manager (South East Asia)
Rachel Sandison, Director of Recruitment and International Office

2.    Literature Study on Citizenship, Youth and Democracy

The broad issue of youth and citizenship is a crucial to the current era of political openness in Indonesia. Since the 1998 (political) Indonesian Reformasi, the new democratic country has experienced a volatile transition. The initial study on youth at UG has provided me with the basic references to establish a module of citizenship education for Indonesian youth.

3.    Seminar Presentation for postgraduate students and faculty at IMRCEES.

A paper was presented, entitled “Greater Issues in Indonesian National Development : Bridging Social and Economic Empowerment” , held on 21st November 2014, 17-18.30 PM. The presentation outline the shifts in development perspectives and the fundamental institutional adjustments needed to establish a in a modern state.

4.    The formulation of a research proposal for the future Newton fund scheme.

I was introduced by Dr Clare McManus that the Newton Fund research scheme will be rolled in 2015. The research scheme is a great funding platform for a big research and a workshop collaboration between universities. An initial concept paper was developed on youth and democracy. A book on Historical Perspective on Youth Movement Indonesia was also published (Laksmono, 2015). The Department of Social Welfare has decided to adopt youth welfare as the annual research agenda of the department.

Social SecurityandNationhood:
Perspectives onCitizenshipand New Responsibilites



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