What do I do if I receive an offer?

You will receive an email from the Admissions Office.  Please retain this email communication as no hard copy offer letter will be sent.  This message will contain your Student ID and Application Number.  You must accept or decline the offer using Admissions Self-Service by clicking the link provided in the email message and logging into your application account. Please follow the instructions provided in the email.  Applicants may wait until the scholarship awards are announced before replying to the Admissions Office or making English Language test arrangements.  If your offer is conditional you will be able to access your conditions and submit any required documents using Applicants Self-Service.   Please upload the required documentary evidence to your online application. Once we have confirmed your documentary evidence as meeting the conditions we will issue you with an unconditional offer. Please note that uploaded academic documents should be scanned copies of the original document and should normally be in colour.

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