Academic Calendar

University of Tartu

Recommended Arrival Date 28th August 2018
Orientation Course 29th August – 31st August 2018
Teaching Begins 3rd September 2018
Teaching Ends 22nd December 2018

University of Glasgow

Teaching Begins 7th January 2019
Teaching Ends 22nd March 2019
Exam Period 23rd April – 17th May 2019
Summer School 18th May – 24th May 2019

 Corvinus University of Budapest

Enrolment Week 2nd September – 6th September 2019
Teaching Begins 9th September 2019
Teaching Ends 13th December 2019
Exam Period 16th December – 23rd December 2019 AND 2nd January -24th January 2020
Thesis Submission 7th September 2020
Thesis Defence 25th September 2020