Academic Calendar

University of Tartu

Recommended Arrival Date 28th August 2018
Orientation Course 29th August – 31st August 2018
Teaching Begins 3rd September 2018
Teaching Ends 22nd December 2018

University of Glasgow

Teaching Begins 7th January 2019
Teaching Ends 22nd March 2019
Exam Period 23rd April – 17th May 2019
Summer School 18th May – 24th May 2019

 Corvinus University of Budapest

Enrolment Week 2nd September – 6th September 2019
Teaching Begins 9th September 2019
Teaching Ends 13th December 2019
Exam Period 16th December – 23rd December 2019 AND 2nd January -24th January 2020
Thesis Submission 7th September 2020
Thesis Defence 25th September 2020

Jagiellonian University

Teaching Begins 2nd October 2019
Teaching Ends 28th January 2020
Exam Period 29th January 2020 – 10th February 2020
Thesis Submission 7th September 2020
Thesis Defence Approx. 2 – 4 weeks after thesis submission


Enrolment Week 15th August – 20th August 2019
Teaching Begins 2nd September 2019
Teaching Ends 20th December 2019
Exam Period 23rd December 2019 – 31st January 2020
Thesis Submission To be confirmed
Thesis Defence To be confirmed


Enrolment Week August 2019
Teaching Begins 26th August 2019
Teaching Ends 14th December 2019
Exam Period 18th December – 26th December 2019
Thesis Submission 7th September 2020
Thesis Defense Around 2 weeks after submission of thesis