Step 1

Make sure you meet the entry requirements and eligibility criteria

Step 2

Check all deadlines (both for scholarships and standard applications) and if the programme is opened for applications

Step 3

Applying for ERASMUS Mundus Scholarship:

1) Find out if you are:

  • Programme- country student
  • Partner- country student

Definition of Programme and Partner Countries

2) Select and complete the relevant application form


Step 4

1) Register on the UoG online application system, select “Full-time, Postgraduate Taught” (NOT “Erasmus”)

Apply here

2) Start the online application process and complete all relevant sections
Guide to Applying Online

3) Complete, print, sign and upload (as pdf) the scholarship application form. Upload it in section
”Support Documents”

Step 5

Make sure that you have uploaded all required documents before submitting the Programme Application online.

List of Required Documents

You can upload your English certificates or other documents afterwards via the Applicant Self-Service.

Guide to Applicant Self- Service

Step 6

Press the “Submit” button in the end of your online application. You will receive a confirmation email containing your log-in details and applicant/student number. Please, accept this email as a confirmation of your submission.

Step 7

Further Information:

If you are experiencing any problems with accessing the Applicant Self- Service, you can email your documents to our postgraduate admissions team at:

You can also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions sections: