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General Council News

Election of members of the General Council Business Committee

The election of two members of the General Council Business Committee took place at the Half-yearly meeting held on Tuesday 21 January 2020.  Those elected were:

Professor Jonathan Cavanagh, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Glasgow, and

Dr Cameron Marshall, retired former research scientist and pharmaceutical industry executive

Professor Cavanagh and Dr Marshall will serve on the Business Committee until January 2024. 

The General Council’s thanks were expressed to Mr John Marsh, who stepped down from the Business Committee after eight years, during which Mr Marsh also served as Business Committee Convener. 


Date of next General Council Half-yearly meeting

Please note that, with regret, it will be necessary to change the date of the next Half-yearly meeting of the General Council.  The meeting will no longer take place on 22 June as had originally been scheduled.  The revised date will be confirmed as soon as possible.  It is hoped that the half-yearly meeting may still be combined with the University Court’s annual Stakeholder meeting.   


Chancellorship of the University

Dame Katherine Grainger DBE succeeded Professor Sir Kenneth Calman as Chancellor of the University in June 2020. She is the first woman Chancellor of the University, and has also received public recognition for her many achievements, with appointment as MBE, CBE and, in 2017, DBE for services to sport and charity.

She was awarded an honorary degree from the University in 2013, and was also Young Alumnus of the Year in 2012. She has emphasised that one of her priorities upon taking up the post will be to work closely with the University’s student body. She was the sole nominee for the post which means that there was no requirement to hold an election. 

Anyone wishing to make informal enquiries about the responsibilities and duties of the office of Chancellor are invited to contact the Clerk to the General Council on 0141 330 2787 during office hours or at the following email address:  clerkgc@glasgow.ac.uk