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Letter from the Principal

Dear Alumni and friends,

Keeping in touch with our alumni community is a key priority here at the Unviersity. To do this we have selected a team of bright, dedicated students to contact you by phone this Spring. Your memories and the path you've taken since leaving Univeristy mean a lot to the student studying today; they love hearing from our alumni and having the chance to share some of the exciting developments taking place now. 

Our students represent a vast array of subjects and interests. I hope you will enjoy engaging and reminiscing about Glasgow with them. You will have a chance to hear and ask about the events you can come along to or the benefits available to our alumni or even just to hear what's happening on campus today. We hope you will get involved by answering the phone and sharing your experiences. 

Our students will also take a moment to discuss the extraordinary projects currently taking place at the University which ensure Glasgow continues to have a profound impact on health advancements, innovation, policy, culture, heritage and more. If you feel inspired to support, our students will be able to assist with this and discuss ways you can get involved. 

If you would prefer not to be called on this occasion or wish to support directly, please contact our Development and Alumni Office on +(0)141 330 7146 or email on alumni@glasgow.ac.uk

Yours sincerely,

Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli

Principal and Vice-Chancellor

P.S I hope you enjoy your call with one of our students and feel inspired to support the University again!

P.P.S We take the careful management of your information very seriously and want to ensure you are happy with the ways in which we contact you. You can find out more about how we manage your information here: https://www.gla.ac.uk/alumni/welcomehome/privacynotice/