Placements and Internships

Masters students recognise the importance of making connections outside the classroom. Placements provide students the opportunity to expand their skills, network with professionals and make an impact in their field.

During all third mobility periods, students are obliged to complete a placement. This placement is part of your academic programme at the third degree awarding partner university and will bear credit (5 or 6 ECTS). The third mobility university is responsible for allocating placements and for determining the nature of the assessment for placements. Before you start the placement, the third mobility university Coordinator in consultation with the internship partner, determines the academic outcome of the placement to be completed (e.g. report, analysis, project).

Placements are organised with a variety of non-governmental, think-tank and charity organisations and enable students to develop important professional skills within their area of specialization.

Students may choose between offers from the CEERES partner organisations.  Each CEERES university provides 5 placement partners based in their country (city).  Students are expected to complete their placement in the place where they spend their third mobility period.  In exceptional cases, students may search for other placement opportunities outside CEERES partner organisations.

Further details on how to find and complete a placement can be found in the CEERES Placement Guide.

Other Placement and Internship Opportunities

The CEERES placement is a compulsory part of the programme, but students are free to seek out additional placements and internship on their own.  The information below may be useful:

The University of Glasgow Careers Service hosts an internship hub which provides a list of UK-based opportunities.

Students may also like to explore opportunities and information provided on the following Erasmus-related links:

Erasmus Intern
Erasmus Programme Internships

Examples of Organisations where students have undertaken placements and summer schools in the past can be found here