Our Students

On an academic level, the International Master program gave me a chance to expand my knowledge and grow as a researcher, with exactly the right balance of guidance and freedom to explore what I was interested in.  On a personal level though, I felt that my gains were even greater.  Nothing was more invigorating than the hours of conversation I had, whether about our studies or about other matters entirely, with my classmates in the program.  The opportunity to study this area of the world in a program that allowed us to move around and see the region for ourselves attracted a truly inspiring group of fellow students, and that international network of friends and peers is, I feel, the most valuable thing I gained from completing the International Master program.

The International Master programme allows students to experience the greatest of two worlds: during the first year, the University of Glasgow prepares you with targeted courses taught by top scholars in Russian, East European and Eurasian affairs.  Glasgow, with its vibrant student community is also a great place where one can expand their horizons, despite the copious rain!  The linguistic, analytical and historical training conducted in Scotland is crucial for acquiring familiarity with the region.  Plus, the UK is a great place to exchange ideas, thanks to the many conferences organized by the area studies departments.

The second year is dedicated to tuition and research in the field.  In my case, I spent it in Kazakhstan, at KIMEP.  Thanks to the partner institutions disseminated throughout the region, one could even experience multiple mobility periods and cultivate their knowledge.  While in Kazakhstan, some publications started noticing my name and asked me to write about Central Asia, so thanks to this programme I could plant the seed of a potential career in journalism and consulting.